To work at the highest level of the Motorsport world requires a total commitment of all its members such as engineers, technicians, designers and team managers. Without the previous knowledge and the necessary experience, it is very difficult to access.
Like professional drivers and riders prepare themselves and train constantly to successfully participate in a Championship, engineers and technicians also must act in the same way and with the same method of work and knowledge.
Behind the highest level of the racing world there is a huge network of manufacturers, suppliers, consultants and an auxiliary industry that needs technicians and engineers specialized in high competition.
Monlau Repsol Technical School offers a series of specific modules of great utility and high content for all those people who love Motorsport and want to be part of this wonderful world.
With the aim of teaching our technical trainings to more and more people, we created the online specialty by modules of our master’s degree. For anyone interested in knowing the work that a Motorsport engineer develops, here is your chance.
The student will enjoy learning everything related to racing world engineering, that did not know, to help him in the training and move him a little closer to the Motorsport.
To access the module, you only need to be passionate about the world of Motorsport, a PC or laptop, an internet connection and the willing to learn.
You have at your disposal the download of each of the modules and all the necessary information.
- Introduction to Motorsport & Part List
- Racing Team
- Race Car Dynamics
- Race Car Data
- Race Motorbike Dynamics
- Race Motorbike Data
- PTC Creo
- Brakes & Shock Absorbers
- Race Engines
- Aerodynamics
- Ansys
- Powertrain & Materials
- Mathworks
- Sports Marketing
- Sports Psychology
The modules of Motorsport Introduction, Part List and Racing Team are included free of charge in the price of any module, to have a broader knowledge of the basis of Motorsport.
- Introduction to Motorsport & Part List (promotion)
- Racing Team (promotion)
- Race Car Dynamics – 850€
- Race Car Data – 850€
- Race Motorbike Dynamics – 850€
- Race Motorbike Data – 850€
- PTC Creo – 850€
- Brakes & Shock Absorbers – 550€
- Race Engines – 850€
- Aerodynamics – 650€
- Ansys – 850€
- Powertrain & Materials – 650€
- Mathworks – 850€
- Sports Marketing – 350€
- Sports Psychology – 350€
In those modules that is necessary, as a student, you will get the software used by Motorsport companies.